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The Buona Frutta

We offer products of the highest quality, thanks to processing systems that combine state-of-the-art labour and technology. We believe in our work, the skills of our members, sustainability and the value of the land. Cornerstones of the company mission.








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Our company

La Buona Frutta divides its activity in two warehouses: Casalfiumanese(BO) and Voltana(RA): the two warehouses let the society improve the production efficiency in order to focus on different products: Voltana is specialized on nectarines, peaches, pears, yellow and green kiwi stock and process. On the other hand Casalfiumanese warehouse is concentrated on apricot, plums and green kiwi stock and process

Both the facilities own high tech machineries and specific staff, guaranteeing benchmark and high-performance job.

We base our logistic on FIFO (First In First Out), a control fruit method in order to waste the less as possible. The first product to come into the warehouse is the first to leave, in order to avoid the worthless inventory. In this way La Buona Frutta guarantees freshness and quality to clients and consumer.

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Our history in brief


Carlo and Daniele start their activities

Carlo bassi founds Bassi Carlo Import-Export, with the help of his wife. Daniele Petteni, with the help of his sons Adriano and Carlo, starts his fruit processing and export business.


Petteni e Bassi s.n.c. was founded.

Through the combination of common interests and great skills, the two are united in a single company.


La Buona Frutta' is launched

Jader and Ornella Bassi, together with Carlo and Adriano Petteni, set up a new company that values work and resources.


The Buona Frutta

We work in step with new technologies to offer the highest quality products. We believe in a sustainable fruit and vegetable supply chain, which is why we work every day with the utmost attention to treatments, respect and the health of the earth.

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Seasonality of fruit

La Buona Frutta focus its job on 8 products: peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, green kiwi, yellow kiwi and red kiwi. Every species offers a wide range of varieties; thus we can offer the best variability and durability to on markets.

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