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Quality policy

Nell’ambito della nostra attività lavorativa, sono sempre presenti grandi direttive quali:

  • Create a business organization more efficient and in harmony
  • Meet the demands of the consumer who is increasingly careful what you buy
  • Take courses leading to improved customer satisfaction
  • Pursue the demands of Standard of excellence required by the most demanding markets
  • Products lawfully obtain suitable, healthy, controlled and traceable at any point in the supply chain
  • Create a flow of information within the company that gives its directives to the production in order to optimize the application of internal procedures
  • Increasing attention in the workplace to the safety aspects, the safety of workers and their state of well-being in accordance with professional ethics.
  • Increase the company’s commitment, along the entire production line, about the reduction of the environmental impact by:
    1. Application of technical lines of defense such as “Integrated Production Regulations”
    2. Improving the management of transport logistics
    3. Waste separation inert processing such as cardboard, wood, etc.
  • Pursuing the concept of continuous improvement
  • Increase security measures and the monitoring of the site to prevent contamination of the intentional nature
  • Make suppliers, particularly food products, more control and monitoring to assess their vulnerability to the potential risk of adulteration and / or substitution of raw materials.
  • Respect for the authenticity of the marketed raw materials, or the regulations governing the properties of the brands and varieties.