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Respecting nature's rhythms

Our quality’s product is found on three main cornerstones: the farms, our farmers passion and our technician’s professionality.

La Buona Frutta’s growers are constantly update on recent innovations; the focus is on planting new fruit varieties which guarantee stock durability and resistance. The aim is to offer the maximum quality product on the market.

Moreover, La Buona Frutta respects the nature and undertakes on following the Integrated Crop Management (ICM), guaranteeing the environmental protection, the soil’s fecundity and pondering the usage of chemical products


Peaches and Nectarines

La Buona Frutta started to trade peaches and nectarines since the ’60. 

The varietal calendar offered by our suppliers, starts at the beginning of June to continue exporting and trading until the end of October. Our suppliers continuously keep on renewing their quality and varieties systems, in order to offer colourful, and tasty peaches and nectarines.  Due to our partners, La Buona Frutta products are on the market as follow: 50% Germany, 30% Italy and 20 % the rest of Europe. Voltana’s warehouse is focus on peaches and nectarines process in order to “Pesca e Nettarina di Romagna IGP” certificate and discipline. The company offers the best process quality system down to select the over ripe products, the perfect brix percentage and focus on high quality product without damaging the fruit.



Romagna, specifically Valle del Santerno area, has always been the heart of apricot farming. La Buona Frutta’s suppliers are focused on apricot farming since the ’50; they follow the growing process starting from the blooming until the end of the picking. The company is on the market with early varieties from May to finish trading at the end of August.  The growers are extremely careful to follow the European disciplines based on environment and plant respect. The apricot’s care has to be meticulous and precise, as the product very delicate. Therefore, the fruit is often process by hand, to avoid ruining and damaging the skin. The main trade markets are Europe and Italy, both with the 50%


Japanese plums and Plums

on the market with both Japanese and European varieties, la Buona frutta offers a wide range of plum types: yellow, black and red ones.The farmers are always aware of modern and new agricultural techniques in order to offer the best competitive product on the market. Plums are very interesting for European markets with the 70% of La Buona Frutta business. On the other hand, Italy has the 30%.



Kiwi, the exotic fruit, offers a high number of type, varieties, flesh and properties. On the market in European, Italian and overseas markets, we offer both yellow and green kiwi stocking, process and ripe process.  Since 2001 La Buona Frutta is member and stakeholder of Jingold s.p.a. due to this project La Buona Frutta is now specialized on Jintao, Jinyan, Z5Z6, DongHong varieties.  La Buona Frutta is on the market with yellow, red and green pulp kiwi by 50% in Europe, 30% overseas and 20% in Italy



Pear, originally as Asian fruit, is nowadays a global cultivation, growing from China to Spain. In Emilia Romagna the most common pear cultivation method is the intensive plantation.  La Buona frutta’s suppliers start the pear picking around the middle of July to finish at the end of September. However, being part of Opera group, the growers are particularly careful pear quality from the picking to the warehouse delivery